Celebrating Manitoba Artists – with The Fairmont Winnipeg

Pulse Gallery is partnering with The Fairmont Winnipeg to showcase the exceptional talent of Manitoba artists. Current work available for sale in the hotel lobby and the Gold Lounge has been created by local artists Amanda Onchulenko, Cindy Dyson, and Wendy Seversen.

Fairmont Winnipeg


  • Amanda Onchulenko
  • Cindy Dyson
  • Wendy Seversen
Amanda Onchulenko

Amanda Onchulenko

Amanda Onchulenko's series of works celebrate the diversity and energy of a landscape that, to the uninitiated, might appear static and uninspiring. She interprets the prairie as diverse, nuanced and abundant.

"I strive to capture the essence of a moment -- to describe, with this body of work, the energetic experience of landscape. I am drawn to the cheeky personalities of perennial inhabitants, alluding to the fertile abundance of this place, at the heart of a nation, where the horizon levels my gaze."

Cindy Dyson

Cindy Dyson

Cindy Dyson's richly textured acrylic works chronicle the beauty and fleeting moments of the everyday urban experience. Through the use of brushes, palette knives, found objects and her own fingers, Cindy's acrylic works evoke mood, movement and a restless energy. The tactile nature of her bold swathes of paint beckon the viewer to touch.

Wendy Seversen

Wendy Seversen

Wendy Seversen is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with recycled materials such as window glass, copper and steel to create unique art glass, sculpture, enamel art and jewellery. Her glass practice reflects her fascination with light, movement and the organic beauty of natural erosion and decay. She is deeply inspired by the remoteness and raw beauty of the boreal forest surrounding of her studio in southeast Manitoba, near the hamlet of Ostenfeld.


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